The team

This tab includes bios written by each team member:

Finn Repp – I’m 16 years old, I did project management/website design for The Acetaminophen Project, and I plan to be an emergency medicine physician when I’m older.

Felix Price – I am 16 years old, and worked on digital art for the acetaminophen project.

Phoebe Curry- I am 16 years old, I worked on a lot of the research for the acetaminophen project.

Christina Jacksack – I am 15, and I worked on coordinating and organizing jobs on The Acetaminophen Project, particularly on the printed projects and on the educational lectures.

Natalie Brame – I am currently 15 years old. I designed an informational poster and contributed writing for The Acetaminophen Project. My interests include reading, drawing, learning the guitar, and listening to podcasts, NPR, and Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers.

Tyler Langford – I am a 13 year old from Evanston. I play a lot of sports and hope to be an analyst for ESPN when I get older. I run the TAP social media accounts.

Connor McWard- I am 16 years old. I researched statistics and background facts. I love hanging out with friends and watching a good movie.